TheFreshMarketSurvey – The Fresh Market Survey Win $500

The Fresh Market is a chain of gourmet supermarkets which is very popular around the United States. This market was founded back in 1982 and right now it is available in more than 150 locations across the United States. If you have never been to The Fresh Market then you should visit it once to know more about the specialties of this market just like MyZaxbysVisit. Unlike other supermarkets available out there, The Fresh Market basically provides only fresh items to its customers. You will find a lot of things like fruits, vegetables, steak, wine, ice creams, flowers and many more things in this market. The best thing here is that all of the items available in The Fresh Market stores are fresh, as the name says and you can even do the online ordering for anything you want.

The Fresh Market is running its business for quite a long time and they are very serious about their customer relations and satisfaction. To keep their services up and running, The Fresh Market runs a customer satisfaction survey named TheFreshMarket Survey which can be taken by any of The Fresh Market customers to provide their feedback to the company. The survey is done by the officials of The Fresh Market and it is available only on their online website. Once a customer has answered all of the questions in the survey, he is rewarded with discount coupons and participation in their sweepstakes prize.

TheFreshMarketSurvey - The Fresh Market Survey Win $500

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about The Fresh Market Survey and will tell you to know to take TheFreshMarketSurvey on their official website Do note that The Fresh Market guest satisfaction survey is not available at all locations and not everyone can participate in this survey. So before you begin taking this survey make sure you have read the terms and conditions mentioned below and make sure you meet them in order to get rewarded. If you are not eligible to participate then you will not be rewarded with The Fresh Market customer experience survey sweepstakes.

What Is TheFreshMarketSurvey 2020

As we told above, TheFreshMarketSurvey is basically a customer satisfaction survey where The Fresh Market customers can give their feedback based on their visit. It doesn’t matter if you had a good experience at the store or bad, you can still use TheFreshMarketSurvey website to submit your feedback. If you have visited any of The Fresh Market stores, then check for The Fresh Market survey code printed on your purchase receipt. Once you have found it, you can visit the www TheFreshMarketSurvey com website to participate in this survey. Each customer who submits answers honesty gets participation in TheFreshMarket $500 survey to win the sweepstakes.

Benefits of The Fresh Market Customer Survey

Though there are various benefits of taking The Fresh Market Survey, but the best one is participation in the sweepstakes. Each customer is rewarded with discount coupons and participation in weekly The Fresh Market sweepstakes worth $500. Though the rewards differ in each location and prizes can be different in the store you’ve visited by the sweepstakes prize remains the same. Below we have shared some of the rewards you can win by taking part in TheFreshMarketSurvey.

  • Free meals and products worth $50.
  • Participation in the $500 worth of sweepstakes.
  • Discount coupons to claim on the next visit.
    and many more.

Requirements For TheFreshMarket Sweepstakes

As we told earlier, The Fresh Market customer survey is not for everyone and it is also not available at all of the locations around the United States. Though, you can try visiting the official TheFreshMarketSurvey website named to check out if it is available in your location to participate or not. Also, there are some TheFreshMarketSurvey requirements that everyone should comply with in order to win the prizes. Here are some of the TheFreshMarket Survey terms and conditions.

  • The customer must be 18 years or older in age.
  • This survey is available only for the residents of the United States.
  • A valid purchase receipt with TheFreshMarketSurvey Code is needed to participate.
  • Each customer can participate only once with a single code, multiple entries will be rejected.
  • TheFreshMarket sweepstakes must be claimed within the given time period, else they will be allocated to another person.

How To Take TheFreshMarketSurvey On

You know much about TheFreshMarketSurvey now and its time to tell you about the steps to participate and complete this survey without any assistance. All you need is a TheFreshMarketSurvey code and the official TheFreshMarketSurvey website to take this survey. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions mentioned above and you are eligible to participate in the survey just like When you are ready, just start following the tutorial mentioned below to complete this survey and win rewards.

  • So, first of all, you will have to visit the official TheFreshMarket Survey website –
  • Now you will be asked to enter the survey code printed on your receipt, just enter the code and click on Next.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to select the Date of Your Visit. So just select the date from the calendar, and press Next.
  • You will now be asked to Verify Your Age. You will have to answer that in Yes or No. Select Yes if you are at least 18 years in age.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to select an option from the list of Purpose of Your Shopping. You just have to select one option from the list and press Next.
  • Once the scale of 5, you will have to rate your level of satisfaction for different things like Overall Satisfaction, Recommendation, Shopping Experience, etc. Select one option in each question and press Next.
  • Some questions related to the store will be asked to you now like Cleanliness, Ease In Finding Products, Store Staff, Product Information, etc. You have to rate each of them on a scale of 5 and press Next.
  • Based on your visit, you will now be asked to rate the Satisfaction Level of different sections of The Fresh Market you have visited. You have to rate each of them even if you have not visited any section. If you have not visited any section of this list, then simply choose the Did Not Stop option and press Next.
  • You will be asked to select at least one department from the list to answer some questions about that. Do note that you can select multiple options here but the more departments you will choose the more questions will be asked to you. So, select any one or two from the list and press Next.
  • On the basis of the department you have chosen, you will have to answer some questions related to it. On the scale of 5, please rate all of the questions asked to you and press Next when you have answered all of them.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to rate the Level of Satisfaction with the checkout process. It doesn’t matter which department you have visited, just rate your satisfaction level and press Next.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your review in detail about TheFreshMarket visit. Do note that you can write both good and bad feedback in this but make sure you are writing on-point. When you are done, just press Next.
  • Some personal questions like your Age, Gender, Annual Income, Shopping Times, etc. will be asked. Just select one option in each question and press Next.
  • When you are asked if you want to participate in The Fresh Market Sweepstakes, then select Yes.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your personal details like Name, Address, Email, City, Pin Code, Phone Number, etc. These details will be used to contact you in case you’ve won any sweepstakes from The Fresh Market. So enter your original details and press Next.
  • As soon as you will click on Next, your entry will be counted for the sweepstakes and you will be notified via calls, SMS, and email in case you have won anything from The Fresh Market survey. Also, your answers will be submitted to the official and actions will be taken based on them to improve the customer experience at The Fresh Market stores.

The Fresh Market Customer Experience Survey Contact

The Fresh Market Corporate Address – Greensboro, NC 27408, United States

The Fresh Market Support Phone No. – 336-272-1338

The Fresh Market Official Website –

The Fresh Market Survey Website –

The Fresh Market Survey Rewards – Free Meals, Discount Coupons

Final Words

So this is all about TheFreshMarketSurvey and we hope you have found what you were looking for. You must remember that The Fresh Market validation code must be printed out or redeemed within the given period else it will expire and you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of it. If you are a regular visitor of The Fresh Market then you should definitely participate in this survey to get various benefits.

We will keep this post updated with the latest information from The Fresh Market official survey website, so keep visiting Survey Lila. There are many other surveys like TheFreshMarketSurvey available out there and you can also participate in them to get the best out of them. If you are facing any issues in taking The Fresh Market survey, then let us know about it via comments below.

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