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Krispy Kreme which is basically known as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. is an American doughnut company and coffeehouse chain which was founded back in 1937. Since then it is one of the best and most loved doughnut restaurants around the world. Right now this restaurant chain is operating its business in more than 1000 locations across various countries just like BojanglesListens. If you have ever been to Krispy Kreme, then you might already know about its specialties. Apart from the donuts, you can also find hot, cold, and iced beverages in it, which makes it even more interesting to visit. There is a different kind of doughnut available in Krispy Kreme so it doesn’t matter what your taste is, you will always find something good to eat in this restaurant.

Krispy Kreme has world-class services and to maintain its standards, it runs a customer satisfaction survey named Krispy Kreme Listens. This survey is created to get reviews and feedback from the customers about their recent visit to any of the Krispy Kreme restaurants. The survey is taken online on their official Krispy Kreme Listens website which makes the process simple for everyone. If you have visited Krispy Kreme recently, then you can take this survey and provide your feedback to Krispy Kreme. It is beneficial for both, Krispy Kreme and for the customers as the company gets reviews about their restaurants and each customer who takes this survey gets a reward in return.

KrispyKremeListens - Survey

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about the Krispy Kreme survey and will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete this survey. Remember that you will need a valid purchase receipt from Krispy Kreme in order to take this survey. More information about the requirements and benefits of taking survey Krispy Kreme is shared below which you must read before taking this survey. There is various kind of rewards of KrispyKremeListens survey so you don’t have to worry about what will be given to you.

What Is KrispyKremeListens 2023?

As we told above, the Krispy Kreme survey is a way for their management team to get feedback from the customers about their visit to Krispy Kreme. This survey must be taken online, which means you don’t have to fill any KrispyKremeListens promotion form in order to take this survey. Also, we will recommend you to answer all of the questions honestly in this survey if you want to get rewarded. This survey is also known as Krispy Kreme free donut survey because each customer is rewarded with at least a free donut code at the end of the survey which a person can claim at his next visit.

Benefits of Krispy Kreme Listens Survey

As we told above, the Krispy Kreme survey rewards its customers with a free donut code to redeem, but there is various kind of rewards. The rewards are different at each location, so you must complete this survey in order to know about the rewards at your location. If not much, then you will get a free donut from Krispy Kreme at least for participating in the Krispy Kreme guest satisfaction survey. Some more rewards from this survey are mentioned below.

  • It is also known as Krispy Kreme survey free donut.
  • Participation in Krispy Kreme sweepstakes.
  • Discount coupons to redeem on the next purchase.
    and many more.

Requirements For Krispy Kreme Survey survey is not available at every location right now, so we must read the terms and conditions mentioned below before taking this survey. Each question in the free donut Krispy Kreme survey must be answered honestly if you want to get rewarded for the same. Also, you will need a Krispy Kreme survey code printed on your purchase receipt to participate in this survey. You don’t have to search for the survey for your country like Krispy Kreme survey Philippines, Krispy Kreme survey UAE or Krispy Kreme Survey UK because this survey must be taken only on their official website, which is the same for all.

  • A valid purchase receipt with a survey code is needed.
  • The customer taking this survey must be 18 years older.
  • Currently, the KrispyKremeListens survey is available only in the United States.
  • Krispy Kreme Listens survey must be taken only once by a single customer in order to get rewarded.

How To Take KrispyKremeListens Survey On

Now you know much about Krispy Kreme survey free dozen and it’s time to tell you about the steps to complete this survey. Though every question in this survey can be easily understood and you just have to select an appropriate option from the list of answers to submit your answer just like TalkToAppleBees. We will recommend you to take Krispy Kreme Listens feedback survey on a desktop or laptop because sometimes it becomes difficult to submit answers from mobile devices. When you are ready with everything mentioned above and you are eligible to participate in this free Krispy Kreme survey then start following the steps mentioned below.


  • First of all visit the official Krispy Kreme survey website –
  • Now you will have to enter your 15-digit survey code printed on your receipt in the given boxes. Once you have done that, click on the Start button to start the survey.
  • Now you will be asked to rate your Overall Experience on a 5-level satisfaction scale. Just select one option from the list and click on Next.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to select the items you have ordered during your visit. You can select multiple items from the list and if your item is not mentioned there, then select Other and click on Next.
  • Now you will be asked to rate different things like Speed of The Service, Taste/Temperature/Freshness of The Food, Availability, and Friendliness of The Employees. Just select one option in each question and click on Next.
  • The next step will ask you to rate your level of satisfaction on the Accuracy and Value of The Order. Just select one option in each question and click on Next.
  • Krispy Kreme will now as you that How Likely Will You Recommend this restaurant to someone you know in the next 30 days. You have to select one option from the list and click on Next.
  • The next question will ask you How Likely Will You Visit this same restaurant in the next 30 days. Select one option from the list and click on Next.
  • In the next step, some more questions related to the restaurant and the employees will be asked. You just have to answer them in Yes or No. So answer all of the questions and click on Next.
  • If you have answered all of the questions honestly and correctly, then a Krispy Kreme Listens Validation Code will be displayed on your screen. Don’t forget to write this Krispy Kreme Validation Code on your purchase receipt or print this page. By showing this code on the billing counter on your next visit, you will be able to claim your rewards for this survey.

KrispyKremeListens Survey Contact

  • Krispy Kreme Corporate Address – 370 Knollwood St. Winston Salem, NC 27103
  • Krispy Kreme Support Phone No. – 1-800-457-4779
  • Krispy Kreme Official Website –
  • Krispy Kreme Survey Website –
  • Krispy Kreme Survey Rewards – Free Meals, Discount Coupons Review

So this is all about my Krispy Kreme survey and we hope you have found what you were looking for. If you visit Krispy Kreme restaurant often, then you should definitely take this KrispyKremeListens survey to get some free meals and discounts on your next purchase. Remember that this survey is available only on the official website and not anywhere else.

We will keep updating this post with the latest information on the Krispy Kreme Listens survey, so keep visiting Survey Lila to know about it. We have also mentioned Krispy Kreme phone number above, so if you want to ask more about it, then you can ask the officials directly. If you are facing any issues in taking this Krispy Kreme survey PH or Krispy Kreme survey NZ then you can ask us for help via comments below.

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